Truck Driving Training & Lessons

Is driving a truck your passion, or would you like to take it up as a career option? If you are in Sydney, and would like to start your truck driving lessons, then you are at the right place. Ellis driving school is a Sydney based truck driving school, with pre-designed courses to aid all would-be truck drivers to realise their dream. We have well-defined truck driving courses to facilitate learning in any truck. We give truck driving training for LR, MR, HR, HC and MC trucks and ‘C’ drivers too.  Our truck driving lessons work on giving the drivers all the necessary rudiments of driving all kinds of trucks. Since each truck needs a special kind of Licence, we, at Ellis, have designed separate truck driving training in Sydney, to help drivers those who want to obtain a particular kind of Licence. Hence, whatever truck driving Licence you like to obtain in Sydney, we provide you with the best training sessions and make you realise your dream. One more aspect which makes Ellis driving school the best place to learn is the fact that once you complete your training, you can go equipped with a competency certificate or a certificate of competency, which is essential to obtain your driving Licence. Contact us to learn about the type of courses we offer for prospective truck drivers.