Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that usually asked by our students. There are lots of rule and regulations in getting a drivers license in NSW.


How do I obtain a Heavy Vehicle Licence?

  1. Practice the heavy vehicle computer knowledge test from here
  2. Book in at the RTA to do the computer knowledge test and get a CBA Book Set
  3. Contact Ellis Driving School (0410 806 777) to do Truck Driving Course where you will be trained and assessed, Then take the completed Log Book to RMS to get your new Heavy Vehicle licence.


What is the procedure for a Learner to get a driver’s Licence?

– Get enough driving lessons with the instructors – book a driving test with RMS ( If if is a C class) – If pass you will get a Red P


How do I choose a driving school? What should I know?

Making sure the driving is accredited from RMS and also the member of ADTA.